The governance of the ED MIIS is done by a management Normand team and with a council composed of 22 members.

Management team

  • Director, Bruno Zanuttini, Professeur à l’Université de Caen Normandie
  • Deputy director, Gilbert Levitt, Professeur à l’Université de Caen Normandie
  • Administrative manager, Marie Legay, Université de Caen Normandie
  • Deputy director, Cecilia Zanni-Merk, Professeur à l’INSA Rouen Normandie
  • Administrative manager, Coleen Boust, Université de Rouen Normandie
  • Administrative manager, Flore Zulmea, INSA Rouen Normandie
  • Deputy director, Alexandre Berred, Professeur à l’Université Le Havre Normandie
  • Administrative manager, Christine Le Bodo, Université Le Havre Normandie


Members of the Governing Council

11 representatives of the research units:

  • 5 in pure and applied mathematics,
  • 5 in computer science, signal and image processing, and control theory,
  • 1 in electronics;

2 representatives of engineers, administrative and technical staff;
1 representative of ComUE Normandie Université;
4 representatives external to MIIS:

  • 2 from the Industry and Competitivity Clusters,
  • 2 from Academia;

4 representatives of PhD students, from the three broad disciplines above and the three geographical sites (Caen, Rouen, Le Havre)