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After the first registration, the doctoral student must form a committee composed of two members.


This committee will serve in particular to check the proper functioning of the PhD student and director couple, to give the PhD student advice on all aspects of his thesis and professional integration, to detect possible problems as early as possible and to help solve them.


The setting up of a monitoring committee is mandatory for PhD students starting their thesis from the beginning of the 2017 academic year.


The doctoral school recommends that one of the members be geographically close to the PhD student, so that the latter can easily meet him if necessary, but outside the immediate scientific or personal environment of the thesis director, in order to guarantee his independence. The other member must be outside the Normandie Université (Caen, Le Havre, Rouen) and close enough to the scientific field of the thesis. At least one of the members must be an academic (researcher or teacher-researcher) holding an HDR.


The members of the committee can be part of the jury during the defense, but cannot be rapporteurs of the thesis.


The members of the committee are proposed by the doctoral student and/or his director, and validated by the doctoral school. It is important that the doctoral student feels comfortable with the members of the committee, so it is the PhD student’s opinion that takes precedence in case of disagreement with the thesis director.


The committee meets (videoconferencing possible) about once a year, more if the PhD student or the thesis director so wishes, to examine all aspects of the thesis (material conditions, progress of work, training followed, participation in congresses, etc.) ). He/she writes a report, which may be quite short if the thesis is proceeding normally (the doctoral school will provide a model).